TypeHost Inc. - 2023




TypeHost Labs is currently developing new AI applications based on CLIP-guided diffusion animation techniques. CLIP from OpenAI turns user input language into streaming video content, rendered using Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) technology.

Other AI apps in development at TypeHost apply ML in video editing, digital animation, AR messaging, and filters. We are also working on streaming music apps. TypeHost is building ML functionality for DXP websites and mobile applications that offer better content and product recommendations to users.

Work at TypeHost Development

Multi-Cloud Solutions

Data center management for the requirements of cloud software applications and event-driven architecture.

Upwork Clients

TypeHost works with IT companies and startups through distributed international teams on Upwork.

Event-Driven Architecture

”Apache Kafka is an open-source distributed event streaming platform for high-performance data pipelines, streaming analytics, data integration, and mission-critical cloud applications."
“Apache Pulsar is a distributed, open source pub-sub messaging and streaming platform for real-time workloads, managing hundreds of billions of events per day, scaling up or down dynamically.”
“Apache Cassandra is an open source NoSQL distributed database with scalability across multiple data centers, high availability, and low-latency request processing for event-driven architecture."

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