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Careers at TypeHost Inc.

Generative AI

Certified experts working with LLMs, GAN, & other Neural Nets on creative projects.


Programming & Creative Media

We are looking to bootstrap some new software applications with Generative AI, Augmented Reality, and NVIDIA Omniverse avatar functionality that expand the realm of human possibility. Our clients demand trained, certified, and experienced professional coders in data center work.

Our Agile Programming team work on a strict contract basis with the emphasis on the duration of the project, the expertise required for the programmer or designer, and the rate of pay per hour. With Upwork we develop distributed teams with time-tracking at 10% commissions.

Join our Upwork Team: https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~012352a90e5fa93fa6

Topics: Generational AI, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning WordPress, Drupal, Cloud Hosting, cPanel, Apache Kafka, Kubernetes, Apache Pulsar, VMware, OpenAI, AWS Amplify, React, Vue, Gatsby, Rakuten RapidAPI, Confluent, Apache Spark, Databricks, Snowflake, & SageMaker. 

Software: OpenAI, DALLE-2, SageMaker, Stable Diffusion, CLIP, Laion, Bard, Imagen, DiscoDiffusion, Midjourney, Banana.dev, Lamda, Google Colab, HuggingFace, ChatGPT-3/4, AutoGPT, Platform9, VMware & many other ecosystem apps developing around LLMs, GANs, & Neural Nets.

If you are interested in joining the projects outlined at TypeHost Inc., we may have an open position for you. Please apply in the form below.

Cloud-Native Programming

Data center management for the requirements of cloud software applications and event-driven architecture.

Upwork Clients

TypeHost works with IT companies and startups through distributed international teams on Upwork.

Event-Driven Architecture

”Apache Kafka is an open-source distributed event streaming platform for high-performance data pipelines, streaming analytics, data integration, and mission-critical cloud applications."
“Apache Pulsar is a distributed, open source pub-sub messaging and streaming platform for real-time workloads, managing hundreds of billions of events per day, scaling up or down dynamically.”
“Apache Cassandra is an open source NoSQL distributed database with scalability across multiple data centers, high availability, and low-latency request processing for event-driven architecture."

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