Agile Project Management: Remote Distributed Teams


Agile project management services for cloud-native programming teams organized through Upwork and other collaboration platforms. The Price per hour is paid to the project manager with the basis of 3 to 12 month terms.



TypeHost Inc. specializes in open source web development with Drupal and WordPress solutions. The company builds with React, Vue, Gatsby, Next, Nuxt, Ionic, and other JavaScript frameworks for mobile app development. I am currently working with Headless CMS solutions for Drupal and WordPress, DXPs, CDN deployments, CLIP Animation with StableDiffusion, data center engineering, and DevOps. I coordinate Agile project management solutions for client projects in cloud-native software development with distributed online teams. We build with Open Source (PHP/Python/JavaScript), Low-Code (APIs), and AWS (Amplify/SageMaker) development solutions for web and mobile apps. I use Agile project management to staff remote teams on Upwork for cloud-native software development with ongoing maintenance, security, and cloud hosting support (AWS, GCP, & Microsoft Azure).

Hire on Upwork:

Monthly Rate: $4,500

Skills: Project Management · Technical Writing · Web Development · React · Stable Diffusion · Generative AI


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