Featured Article: Cloud Software & Data Center (1500 to 2500 Words)


A single 1500 to 2500 word featured article on a topic related to cloud hosting and data center management. The cost of the article is payable in advance via PayPal or Stripe as security deposit with $100 discount. Please communicate article requirements in advance.


Jeffrey Scott is a freelance writer with over 15 years of experience writing on topics related to web development, cloud hosting, and data center management. He has written for a variety of companies, including VMware, Confluent, StreamNative, Pandio, Keen, ScalaHosting, Rakuten RapidAPI, HostingAdvice, DXPR, Zepl, 10Web, HostPapa, and HostAdvice. He has also worked for many startup companies, producing website content, blog posts, whitepapers, technical manuals, developer tutorials, and software guides.

Jeffrey is an expert in the public cloud (AWS, Azure, and GCP) as well as the web hosting industry. He also has experience with Kafka ecosystems, Pulsar architecture, OpenStack distributions, and VMware solutions. He is proficient in developing web/mobile applications with open source software and low-code IPaaS frameworks using APIs for microservices. He is also experienced in Agile project management and has built complex teams on Upwork for cloud-native software development with ongoing maintenance, security, and hosting support.

Jeffrey is now actively combining Generative AI with blog & article content from GPT3. He is a highly skilled and experienced writer with a deep understanding of the tech industry. He is also a highly motivated and results-oriented individual. This offer commits the author to write and design the blog for a single 1500 t0 2500 featured article on a topic of cloud hosting and data center.

$400 per article payable in advance via PayPal as security deposit. Check out our 500 to 700 word blogs available for $250.


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