I am a freelance writer with over 15 years of experience writing on topics related to web development, cloud hosting, and data center management. I have written for VMware, Confluent, StreamNative, Pandio, Keen, ScalaHosting, Rakuten RapidAPI, HostingAdvice, DXPR, Zepl, 10Web, HostPapa, and HostAdvice. I have also written for many small businesses, producing website content, blog posts, whitepapers, technical manuals, developer tutorials, and software guides.

I cover the public cloud (AWS, Azure, and GCP) as well as web hosting industry, Kafka ecosystems, Pulsar architecture, OpenStack distributions, and VMware solutions. I develop web/mobile applications with open source software and low-code IPaaS frameworks using APIs for microservices. I use Agile project management to build complex teams on Upwork for cloud-native software development with ongoing maintenance, security, and hosting support.

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