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TypeHost provides cloud-native software development services for businesses & non-profit organizations worldwide through distributed Agile programming teams.

TypeHost Inc.


TypeHost Inc. is a software development company that builds websites and mobile applications. The company currently has divisions for music, ebooks, film, animation, cloud hosting, social networking, blogging, and artificial intelligence. TypeHost now has a total of 17 brand-identity domains under development in our Labs division building CMS, DXP, LMS, CRM, API, Microservice, and PaaS/SaaS products.

TypeHost operates as an app incubator, content publisher, creative studio, and business process outsourcing (BPO) solution for professional software development with distributed programming teams on Upwork. Our Labs division is working on LiDAR-driven Metaverse apps.




TypeHost, Inc. was incorporated on May 13th, 2021 in the State of Delaware (USA).  The TypeHost registered trademark was approved by the USPTO for the categories of International Class 009, 041, & 042.

TypeHost Registered Trademark


View the USPTO filing.

The public announcement of the trademark was published in the Patent Gazette by the USPTO on 4/5/2022.

Register Number: 6,764,477
Registered: Jun. 21, 2022

The trademark is a key aspect of the goodwill value of the company as we develop new projects globally.






“Computer hardware; Computer hardware and computer peripherals; Downloadable application programming interface (API) software; Downloadable computer software for creating digital animation and special effects of images; Downloadable fiction ebooks on a variety of topics; Non-fiction e-books on a variety of topics recorded on computer media; Visual recordings and audiovisual recordings featuring music and animation.”




“Animation production services; Digital video, audio, and multimedia publishing services; Providing information in the field of entertainment, featuring animation rendered by means of a global computer network; Publishing of books, e-books, audio books, music and illustrations; Special effects animation services for film and video.”




“Animation and special-effects design for others; Animation design for others; Computer hardware and software design; Developing customized web pages featuring user-defined information; Programming of computer software for others; Computer programming and software design; Computer programming services for others in the field of software configuration management; Computer software design, computer programming, and maintenance of computer software; Computer services, namely, cloud hosting provider services; Creating and maintaining blogs for others; Creation, design, development and maintenance of web sites for third parties; Design and development of computer-modeled versions of human beings using computer animation for use in movies, television, internet, games and other applications; Designing and developing webpages on the internet; Developing and hosting a server on a global computer network for the purpose of facilitating ecommerce via such a server; Internet-based application service provider, namely, hosting, managing, developing, analyzing, and maintaining the code, applications, and software for web sites of others; Providing a web-based service featuring technology that enables users to manage the production and publication of electronic books (e-books) and related digital content and offer them for sale to the general public; Providing a website featuring a media aggregator and search engine for internet content; Providing an Internet website portal in the fields of technology and software development; Providing customized on-line web pages and data feeds featuring user-defined information, which includes blog posts, new media content, other on-line content, and on-line web links to other websites; Providing information in the fields of technology and software development via an on-line website; Providing user authentication services using biometric hardware and software technology for e-commerce transactions; Provision of Internet search engines; Provision of search engines for the Internet; Research and development of 3D content, 3D technology and processes, stereoscopic 3D projection, 3D animation technology, 3D processing power, 3D techniques, and flexible forward projection.”

Cloud Data Center


TypeHost provides data center engineering solutions on AWS, GCP, and Microsoft Azure for complex organizations in support of cloud software hosting requirements. We include managed cloud hosting across public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud hardware as part of our software development services.

Business owners, media publishers, ecommerce stores, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and .edu groups can contact TypeHost for custom website and mobile app development projects. We are currently hiring talented programmers and data center engineers to join our distributed, international remote-work teams for software development.

TypeHost, Inc. – Current Operations

TypeHost, Inc. is a C-Corporation registered in Delaware with a main office in Beaverton, Oregon. We operate a global, distributed team of programmers, web developers, and data center engineers working on international client projects. Our company builds websites and mobile applications with a specialization in managed cloud hosting solutions. We are currently recruiting talented developers to join our teams.

The section below includes a list of current business operations conducted by TypeHost, Inc. and other projects under development. Each subdivision has a unique business strategy. Prospective clients can contact us for a free estimate on project management services.

We maintain a business presence on:

Contact us for platform development services and data center management for Generational AI, such as Cloud Hosting, Omniverse Application Programming, Machine Learning, Data Pipelines, Augmented Reality, Event-Driven Architecture, AWS SageMaker, and Amplify for cloud apps.

I. Web Development Services:

TypeHost, Inc. currently offers web/mobile app development, Agile project management, and technical writing services to clients on marketplaces like Upwork, Freelancer, and Guru. The company has a strategic opportunity to build on these channels for increased business.

The web development division includes Agile programming teams for PHP, Python, ASP.NET, and JavaScript. We are innovating in headless CMS and DXP development with managed cloud solutions, a website builder, and providing tutorial articles for the Rakuten Rapid API website.

TypeHost offers integrated cloud hosting and data center management services with a multi-cloud approach to platform services. Our core competencies are Drupal, WordPress, GraphQL, Magento, and TypeScript web development, i.e. open-source CMS solutions that can scale to support any level of user traffic. We are building Digital Experience Platform (DXP) solutions with Adobe, Salesforce Lightning, and Acquia Cloud.

II. Mobile Application Development:

Our programming teams are experts in PHP, Python, ASP.NET, and JavaScript. The company is also building with TypeScript for web/mobile applications. We integrate streaming data with event processing using Apache Kafka and Pulsar for real-time platform analytics.

Our team of Flutter, Golang, and Objective-C programming experts are increasing innovation in mobile application design. Our mobile development services include support for React, Vue, Gatsby, Next, Nuxt, and other JavaScript frameworks with managed CI/CD solutions for version control. We support global brands to deploy mobile apps to the Apple and Android marketplaces.

Data center support and cloud hosting for mobile applications is a core competency of our Agile programming teams. This includes deployment across public cloud infrastructure like AWS, GCP, and Azure. Small businesses are supported on VPS or VM hardware. Machine learning requires GPU or TPU hardware for pipelines and datalakes.

III. Cloud Hosting Services:

TypeHost, Inc. is currently working in development to build and launch a new cloud hosting brand. Our engineering teams are developing automated Drupal and WordPress hosting products. The company is also pursuing an engineering lead for Jamstack hosting and the development of a Git repository. Our cloud hosting services are integrated with software application development and custom programming.

The competitive landscape is dominated by public cloud companies and retail web hosting brands. Our Labs division is building new managed WordPress and Drupal DXP cloud hosting solutions with multi-cloud infrastructure. Event-driven architecture is unlocking new possibilities for Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) development. Our DevOps and GitOps teams provide BPO services to enterprise companies and startups.

Crunchbase reports that Render has raised $26 million USD for their cloud hosting platform. They secured an additional $50+ million in a recent Series B round. Stability AI was recently valued at $4 billion USD.

IV. Technical Writing Services:

TypeHost, Inc. produces technical writing services for cloud hosting, SaaS, and data center companies. Historically, this has included work on content development projects for VMware, Confluent, StreamNative, Pandio, Linx, Keen, DXPR, HostAdvice, Zepl, ITCentralStation, HostPapa, ScalaHosting, & HostingAdvice. Content development work includes articles, blogs, whitepapers, knowledge base, tutorials, and guides.

The provisioning of technical writing services to clients will soon be relaunched with a new, dedicated website. TypeHost Labs is developing software applications for ebook publishing, cloud-based PDF design, storage, and archives. We need to recruit technical talent, creatives, and authors for the application development team. Our registered trademark covers ebooks, cloud hosting, and web development services.

V. eBook Publications:

TypeHost, Inc. owns and operates the subdivisions TypeHost Books and TypeHost Press. In 2020, TypeHost Books published a translation of Thomas de Merten’s 1784 book “The Plague Doctor” on and the iTunes marketplace. TypeHost Press has free ebooks available in PDF format for download and sharing. New appications from TypeHost plan to introduce metaverse avatars to ebook publications.

TypeHost Labs is developing an ebook publishing solution with iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon integration. The app can be considered complimentary to our website builder project and working towards the goal of providing a full suite of website and ebook publishing apps for professional users across our domains. We hope to launch our TypeHost Books and managed WordPress publishing applications in 2023.

VI. Music – Websites & Releases:

TypeHost, Inc. acquired the domain name for future website and mobile application development in the music sector. Applications include MP3 playlist broadcasting, podcast channels, automated AI-generated music streams, radio station search, and music collaboration utilities with sequencing capabilities. Our music applications will mirror and extend the GAN/CLIP functionality of the TypeHost TV platform.

TypeHost Labs is developing music hosting and video streaming applications that are designed to serve the requirements of the industry. These apps integrate our hosting and web publishing products with music through the metaverse avatar system & AR functions delivered by other platforms. Related aspects of the business involve the acquisition of content licenses internationally through partnerships with labels and artists.

VII. Animation & Streaming Video:

TypeHost, Inc. has negotiated partnership agreements for digital animation studio resources in India. This allows us to begin the production of new projects with support of 3-D animation game engine design artists. We are building full production studio capabilities with global, distributed teams. Animation and streaming video development converges with Metaverse, GameDev, and AR apps through ML processing.


  • Develop Unity, Unreal, & Game Engine Animation w/ Manga, 3-D, & Cell Techniques
  • Build AI-Driven Streaming Video Application with Channels for application
  • Grow strategic relations with artists; invest in facilities, hardware, software, & partners.
  • The company build teams of specialists in AutoDesk Maya, Houdini, Adobe AfterEffects, and other software for digital video animation. This includes requirements for GPU/TPU hardware, studio facilities, ML experts, & staff training to bring digital animation titles to production.

ReadyPlayerMe recently raised $13 million for their AR/VR avatar application (press release).

VIII. Education & Learning Management Systems:

TypeHost has education portals in development for learning website design, mobile app development, and programming. Our Labs division is building LMS solutions for K-12 and university education requirements. We are evaluating headless WordPress solutions for the LMS.

These apps build on our experience working with KodeKloud, a leading online education site for Kubernetes, OpenStack, Docker, DevOps, and data center management software certifications. The combination of ebook libraries, tutorials, classes, and videos with our apps is a main goal.

IX. Computer Hardware & Wearables:

TypeHost Labs is exploring the technology available from wholesale manufacturers in China to provide a white-label LiDAR device that can be connected to mobile/desktop with Bluetooth. This would be bundled with a metaverse app for 3-D scanning, avatars, and AR messaging.

The ability to produce this application would allow us to integrate social networking, blogging, instant messaging, and augmented reality (AR) through innovative and disruptive technology. Other projects are haptic gloves, mocap suits, PinePhone devices, and wearable storage.

X. Data Center Architecture:

In 2022, TypeHost Inc. is building cloud engineering teams for DevOps with VMware, OpenStack, and OpenShift solutions. We are recruiting expert programmers for our team working with Apache Kafka and Pulsar projects. We are specializing in Confluent Cloud, StreamNative, Keen, and Pandio solutions. OpenStack projects are managed through Platform9 and public cloud service providers with enterprise Linux distributions.

Managed cloud hosting with a site builder, a new online store marketplace with CRM/DXP functionality, and metaverse applications for social networking are other goals of the TypeHost Labs division. We are building extensive data center support for our cloud software apps.

TypeHost specializes in multi-cloud orchestration with VMware solutions to support the most demanding requirements of web server hosting for software applications. Our web server deployment teams manage RedHat, SUSE, Ubuntu, and Debian Linux solutions. We support Apache web server, NGINX, Docker, Kubernetes, Varnish Cache, and Redis for cloud software development with 24/7 technical support teams.

XI. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning:

Our work in AI & ML in 2022 is focused on Python frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, Django, and Flask for DXPs. We are using Google Collab for AI-animation production with OpenAI CLIP in the intention of developing a broader code-base for our streaming video and TV applications.

TypeHost Labs is recruiting a tech lead with a core focus in streaming AI animation and TensorFlow for long term development of projects. We intend to build on Google TPU and AWS Sagemaker platforms until we can launch our own NVIDIA GPU servers in colocation centers.

Ultimately TypeHost TV has the potential to be the first AI-driven animated video application operating on quantum computing hardware at scale. AI/ML is creating a new aesthetic for digital media production with CLIP-guided diffusion animation and streaming video.

XII. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO):

TypeHost has over 10 years of experience in the Indian BPO market. Our hope is to build an office and campus facilities in India for programming talent recruitment. We have negotiated several partnerships with ASP.NET development teams and an animation studio in India.

Business Process Oursourcing (BPO) in India is a key aspect of building the international aspects of TypeHost Inc. operations, where we have already pursued significant investment in legal registration of the business in the country. We hope to continue this work post-Covid.

XIII. TypeHost Labs – R&D Projects:

Our Research & Development division is managed by TypeHost Labs, working across hardware, software, and cloud data center solutions. TypeHost Animation is building in the CLIP-guided animation space pioneered by OpenAI with multiple notebook solutions.

TypeHost Labs will continue to pursue hardware partnerships in wearables that assist Augmented Reality (AR) as well as haptic and mobile devices. This includes AR glasses from wholesale providers and LiDAR sensors that can be connected to desktop or mobile devices.

Our metaverse ambitions extend to user avatars, AR messaging, and LiDAR scanning that can be used for publishing user content in the cloud. We are also working on managed Drupal and WordPress hosting solutions with CMS, DXP, CRM, and LMS functionality for customers.

Programming Teams


Businesses and other complex organizations can save time and money on custom software development projects by outsourcing to TypeHost programming teams. Our Agile services are designed for the production of cloud-native software with the most popular programming languages and database solutions for web/mobile applications built on scalable hardware.

Programmers with industry experience and backgrounds in machine learning, metaverse, game development, and digital animation can apply for positions with our development teams. We are hiring top talent with an interest in building professional websites and mobile applications for global brands.

TypeHost Inc. – Web Presence

TypeHost, Inc. currently has 17 domain names registered as I.P. related to the trademark. The company has been doing business internationally as since 10/1/2008. We are bootstrapping the company on the basis of our software development, web design, animation, ebook, and BPO services to invest in internal apps for publication. We hope to launch our outsourcing, cloud hosting, and digital animation apps in 2023.





The value of the domains will be tracked as part of brand goodwill valuation. The current company goal is to develop unique, new applications for each domain. TypeHost has adopted a “Mobile First” strategy and is working on new application development with JavaScript frameworks. This allows easy app development with AI microservices.


TypeHost Inc. on 


In 2022, TypeHost will be focused on the relaunch of our domain presence to support business process outsourcing in website and software development through Agile programming teams. Contact us for custom software development and cloud data center management services.


Multi-Cloud Solutions

Data center management for the requirements of cloud software applications and event-driven architecture.

Upwork Clients

TypeHost works with IT companies and startups through distributed international teams on Upwork.

Event-Driven Architecture

”Apache Kafka is an open-source distributed event streaming platform for high-performance data pipelines, streaming analytics, data integration, and mission-critical cloud applications."
“Apache Pulsar is a distributed, open source pub-sub messaging and streaming platform for real-time workloads, managing hundreds of billions of events per day, scaling up or down dynamically.”
“Apache Cassandra is an open source NoSQL distributed database with scalability across multiple data centers, high availability, and low-latency request processing for event-driven architecture."

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